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Vape Atomizers

What is a Vape Tank? 

E-cigarette vape tanks have evolved a lot over the years, but their main job remains the same. Quite simply, vape tanks contain your e-liquid and your coil, and many vape tanks feature some form of adjustable airflow that lets you adjust the intensity of your vape. They feature a mouthpiece, or ‘drip tip’, that helps cool the vapor as it enters your mouth, and these are often detachable and replaceable.  

Most vape tanks are attached to the e-cig kit or mod with an 810-connector, a little threaded screw that attaches the tank to the device, but its universal standard means you can often pair your favorite tank with any compatible device.  

What kinds of Vape Tanks are available? 

The three most common types of vape tanks are Standard, RDAs, and RTAs, RDTAs