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RBAs Atomizer Tank

What is an RBA?

RBAs (Rebuildable Atomizer) – a universal term used for atomizer units containing a deck upon which coils and wicks (also known as ‘builds’) are mounted. The word RBA literally denotes the property of physically wrapping the coil, affixing it to the system, and adding a wick to allow for smooth vapor production. The builds can be categorized according to RBA types and can be modified by the user according to their vaping preferences.

Benefits of using an RBA

While an RBA comes with the box” replaceable coils, the main benefit of using these types of atomizers is the option of customizing the coil assembly to achieve the desired resistance. Users can calibrate their vape to their exact preference in a personal quest to maximize their vape performance. The secondary advantage is that building your own coils is significantly cheaper than buying pre-made replacement coils.

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Hita RBA Coil Kit