Best Vape Devices

So the time has come. You are ready to start vaping. By now, you had a chance to educate yourself, weigh the pros and cons, and decided that switching to steam products is the way to go.

Still, one question remains: how do you choose which type of vaping device to start with?

In this article, we’ll cover all the ways you can choose to vape from the Best Vape Shop in UAE, from the most basic technology to the newest. Let’s start with an overview of all your options.


Cigs are the most basic vapour device and also the most readily available. An acronym for “cig” and “similar”, these devices are roughly the size of an old-fashioned combustible cig. There is no need to refill cigs with e-liquid, no need to turn on or off; some of the simpler disposable models don’t even require charging the battery. This is the closest thing to a go-to vaping experience, although the experience tends to be expensive in the long run, and for most people, it will not be satisfactory. Usually disposable and are also easy to discard and dispose of.

Vape pens

Vape pens are the size of a small permanent marker (hence the nickname “pen”). You will often hear them as referred to the property name “eGo”, even if they are not that particular brand. While still a beginner-friendly device, pen vaporizers are good because they allow you to choose your e-liquid and reuse your hardware many times to save on replacement costs. With pens, you can even start experimenting with adjusting the power of your device to find the “sweet spot” for your favourite flavour and throat hit. While the popularity of vape pens peaked a few years ago, and they are no longer as common as they once were, the device still has a devoted following. One of the most clear and viable aspects of this option is that you will only need to fill them with liquid before they are ready to use.

Pod modifications

Pod mods could be considered the next generation cigs as they offer improved performance and a wider variety of styles. Offering a considerable improvement over cartridge-style cigalikes, the pod devices are also designed for simplicity, with no buttons to press and no user adjustments. These come in “open” and “closed” system styles at Vape shop Dubai allowing you to choose your liquid to fill your capsule or purchase sealed disposable capsules that have already been filled. With disposable pods, you drop them into a battery to start vaping.

Vape mods

Vape mods are a broad category that defies simple definition, except to say that the devices in this group don’t easily fit into any other. The term “mod” is an abbreviation for “modified”. The vapers only had two options: use low-performance cigalikes or tinkering to modify some other electronic device to use as a makeshift vape. Modifications can be so rudimentary that they are risky for a beginner. Or they can be so sophisticated that they have enough safety features to ensure that anyone can dial in the perfect vape without risk or effort.

All advanced mods have in common: they offer a vaping experience superior to any other hardware style available on the market. They are now exclusively available at Best Vape Shop Dubai. This is where most people who get attached to vaping will eventually land. Note that mods alone cannot produce steam. They require a tank with an atomizer to produce steam. 

Now what?

“Okay,” you might say to yourself, “this is all great, but I’m still at a loss. These all seem like good options somehow, but I can see that they all have drawbacks too. Which one is right for me?”

We have found that vaping’s greatest blessing is also its most incredible frustration – there are so many options, and there is no one correct answer for everyone. Most of us will experiment with devices from more than one of these categories before settling on our only true love. Starting the process with that expectation may alleviate some of your anxiety about making a decision. That said, we’ve been on the vaping block many, many times, so our goal here is to make things a little easier for you to choose the best vape for you.

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